Saturday, July 31, 2010

What framing nails go in a bostitch n16 >?

I have a Bostitch N16 nail gun and cant get the right nails. Its an older model and the newer nails I get at the Depot dont work. Anyone have a few nails laying around with the numbers on the box. Thanx GeneWhat framing nails go in a bostitch n16 %26gt;?
not 100% sure, this site might help. Found some #'s for you, but check with pictures of your nailer on the site to be sure.What framing nails go in a bostitch n16 %26gt;?
It seems to take a clipped head nail that is wire collated. An unusual combination, to say the least. I found a place that carries them, but you may want to search with some of the other nail gun models to see if you can find them locally, or at least cheaper online. Good luck.
You need to go to home-depot or Lowe's for this info. the nails have a degree angle on them and if it is not right they will not work. And some are held together with paper and some with plastic.

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